Ashes to Jewellery

If you are considering having ashes set into commemorative jewellery, we work with a number of trusted companies that provide this service.

Jewellery suitable for both men and women is available, plain or with inscriptions, or alternatively decorative items such as paperweights can also be ordered. Only a very small amount of ashes are required for each item so the family can still scatter, inter or keep the ashes as originally planned.

A lock of your loved one’s hair can also be incorporated into jewellery.

Make an appointment to come in and chat to us and browse the brochures with no obligation to purchase.

Alternatively visit why not visit Albarose Ashes or Ashes into Glass

Other Tributes

Send Them into Space

If your loved one enjoyed all things space, make their final journey extraordinary!

Create a Diamond

A unique diamond, using a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, to set into a jewellery piece.

Memorial Tattoo

Carry your loved one with you always in the most intimate way.

Scatter at Sea

Scatter from a chartered boat, with close family and friends. Alternatively, ashes can be place into a biodegradable urn which peacefully sinks under the water.

Memorial Firework Display

A stunning final display, lighting up the skies with your loved one’s ashes

A Natural Living Legacy

For the nature lover or gardening enthusiast, plant a tree in memoriam or spread their ashes beneath a plant or tree.

Cuddly Toy Keepsake

Cuddle this bear, which contains a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, and know you’re holding your loved one close