At James Giles and Sons we can find you any type of coffin or casket that you require. Here you will find a small selection of the coffins, caskets and urns that we offer. This is only a small selection, so if you require something that you don't see, please call us to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide a huge selection of bespoke coffins (see and many variations of wicker/willow coffins (see

We also offer a selection of green funerals which are either meadow or woodland burials. Complemented by the use of a coffin made from biodegradable materials i.e. wicker or cardboard. The green funeral option continues to grow in popularity and there are now many woodland burial sites all over the country. The environment of green burial grounds is kept as wild and as natural as possible. Memorials and headstones are generally not permitted, but often memorial trees can be planted to mark the grave.

Bespoke colourful coffin (Many designs)
Clent Oak
Bredon Mahogany
Clent Mahogany
Bredon Oak
Malvern Mahogany
Malvern Oak